Call for Graphical Abstract

Call for graphical abstract

The call for graphical abstract is open to all themes of the DAM WORLD Conference and should focus on the expertise of the participant. Registration in the DAM WORLD Conference gives free access for participating in this call.
Graphical abstracts (example pdf / ppt) should be submitted by e-mail to in PDF format. The deadline is 27/02/2015.
The graphical abstract should be a concise and visual summary of the work, with minimum text. It should give a general overview of the work in a single glance. It should cover briefly the following topics:
- Problem/ Motivation
- Approach/Methodology to solve the Problem and Major Results
- Conclusion, Major Findings and Future Steps.
The eligible participants in the call for graphical abstract must be registered in the DAM WORLD Conference and fulfill at least one of the following conditions:
- Ongoing Ph. D. Studies
- Concluded Ph. D. studies in the last 5 years
- Less than 35 years old

DAM WORLD Young Professional Award

All participants submitting a graphical abstract are eligible for the DAM WORLD Young Professionals Award (300 euros reward). The selection of the winning contribution will comprise two stages:
(1) Six graphical abstracts will be selected from among all the contributions to be presented during the workshop.
(2) The winning contribution will be chosen among the six selected abstracts.