General Programme Technical papers Keynotes Speakers


   Development and Enhancement of Dam Safety Framework
 Satoru Ueda (USA)
 World Bank
 Lead Dam Specialist
   Training dam professionals to close the double gap (knowledge and generational)
 José Polimón (Spain)
 Vice President of ICOLD
 President of SPANCOLD
   Immersion vibrated RCC. Closing the loop between conventional
and roller-compacted concrete dams

 Francisco Ortega (Germany)
 FOSCE Consulting Engineers
   Durability and pathological manifestations in concrete hydraulic
structures in Brazil

 José Marques Filho (Brazil)
 Vice-presidente do IBRACON (Instituto Brasileiro do Concreto)
 Professor University of Paraná
   Portuguese hydroelectric developments. Current trends of structural safety control
 Manuel Pinho de Miranda (Portugal)
 University of Porto
   Asphalt Concrete Cores for Embankment Dams
 Vahid Afsari-Rad (Norway)
 Director International Activities - Veidekke Industri AS
 Board member of NNCOLD
   Evolution of zoning for the concrete face rockfill dams (CFRD's related
to the existance of local materials)

 Bayardo Materón (Brazil)
 Bayardo Materón Associados Ltda
 President of the CFRD society