Seminar: Modelling of concrete dams
Analysis of structural and foundation behaviour
and safety assessment



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About the seminar

Numerical modelling of concrete dams is, due to the potentially disastrous consequences associated to failure of these large structures, a very important field of application. Moreover, the structural analysis and safety assessment of concrete dams comprises a multiplicity of modelling tasks which demand from the engineer extensive knowledge on diverse fields of different phenomenological nature.

The seminar aims to address the most important topics related to the modelling of the behaviour of concrete dams and their foundations, offering to the participants the opportunity of improving their understanding and knowledge on this field, with particular reference to the recent developments of numerical techniques.

The program addresses the general aspects and design issues, the finite and discrete element methods applied to the structural analysis of dams and foundation under static and dynamic load, concrete constitutive models, monitoring of dynamic behaviour, modelling of rock mass foundation, thermal analysis, roller-compacted concrete dams, long term behaviour, swelling processes due to alkali-aggregate reactions, etc.

Who should attend?

  • Dam owner engineers, designers, consultants, contractors
    and regulators interested in improving their understanding and knowledge on concrete dams modelling
  • PhD/MSc students and graduated students
    with ongoing studies in topics related to
    numerical modelling of concrete dams


Important notes

  • The number of participants is limited to 30
  • The organization may decide to cancel the course
    if a minimum number of participants is not achieved


Registration Fee: 250 EUROS

Lunch and refreshments are included in the registration fee