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Foz Tua Dam

The Foz Tua Hydroelectric Project (owned by EDP) is located in the north region of Portugal, in the Tua River, an important right bank tributary of Douro River, close to its confluence into Douro River. The project includes a double curvature arch dam, which is 108 m high, an hydraulic circuit in the right bank, about 700 m long, composed of two independent tunnels, and a downstream powerhouse equipped with two reversible units with a rated output of 131 MW each one. The dam is provided with a surface spillway over its crest designed for a 5500 m3/s flood, with four 15.7 m wide spans controlled by radial gates, and a downstream plunge pool. In the dam site, the valley is quite narrow and the rock foundation is sound granite. Downstream, close to the confluence with the Douro River, the valley becomes wider and schistous rocks are present. The construction works began in 2011being currently in an advanced stage of development. The Hydroelectric Project will enter in operation in 2016.


Technical data - summary

 Dam type Double-curvature arch dam
 High above ground level 108 m
 Crest length

275 m
 Crest elevation 172 m
 Top thickness 5 m
 Number of contraction joints 17
 Number of galleries 7
 Foundation Granitic rock mass
 Full storage level 170 m
 Maximum flood water level 171m
 Reservoir capacity for the full
water level
106 hm3
 Spillway type Controlled by radial gates
 Spillway capacity 5500 m3/s
 Power station capacity 131 MW x 2
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